[driverloader] Key in non-WEP environment?

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Fri Feb 18 09:42:06 EST 2005


if you want to connect to a network without WEP enabled, you will have 
to remove the WEP key with YaST. It is also possible that you have to 
set an explicit ESSID as some Windows XP drivers are unable to connect 
to an access point if none are specified.

Since you will need multiple configurations, at least one for encrypted 
network(s) and at least one for non-encrypted network(s), you could try 
to use the "multiple profiles" feature if it is available in your 
version of YaST.

Please let us know if you require more assistance.


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James Aman wrote:
> SuSE 9.1 Pro - Dell Inspiron 1150 - BroadCom 43xx integrated wireless
> I'm pleased that DriverLoader works so cleanly in my wireless environment when the WAP is WEP-enabled.  If I set the key in /etc/sysconfig/networks/ifcfg-wlan0, the laptop makes connection without further tweaking.
> However, I often have to work in unencrypted environments.  With the key in place at boot, connection to an unencrypted WAP does not occur.  Have I missed some setting somewhere?  Or will I have to "double boot" -- once to get access to ifcfg-wlan0 and remove the key, then again to come up without the key?
> Thanks ...
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