[driverloader] Problems configuring WEP with Driverloader 2.24, MDK 10.1, Inspiron 8100, DWL 650

Vadim gopackers at ukr.net
Tue Feb 22 16:42:34 EST 2005


I have dual-boot Inspiron 8100, Mandrake 10.1/Win XP, DWL 650 M1 wireless, Driverloader 2.24.

I was very pleased finally to be able to use my wireless card under Linux, Driverloader was a breeze to install and configure. However, I have not been able to successfully configure WEP option (which works seamlessly under Windows XP). The free trial will be expiring very soon and I would like to purchase a license, but I am reluctant to do so without being able to fully unilize the option of WEP protection. I tried adding 


in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth2, the card is up and running, but does not connect to the router. Any ideas what else I could try? Thank you,


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