[driverloader] Similar multiple problems dl2.24 / SuSE9.2 amd64 / bcm4306

eherget at bellsouth.net eherget at bellsouth.net
Thu Mar 3 11:49:17 EST 2005

I, too, have similar problems.

I have a Pavilion zv5340us notebook - AMD64, Broadcom 802.11 built-in, etc.
I had written before about problem with the button at the top of the keyboard that activates/deactivates the wireless device.  I had gotten it all working nicely...

...but then I added more memory.  The notebook has 2 memory "slots", one is easily reachable behind an access panel, the other requires some disassembly to get to the slot under the keyboard.  I replaced the easily reachable 256MB memory module with a 1GB module - the other slot still has a 256MB module.

Since then, my machine would hang when starting Driverloader during boot if the device was activated (device activation state is controlled by the button above the keyboard and is persistent between reboots/power off-on).  This on kernel 2.6.8-24.11.  If the device is off during boot the machine comes up fine, but pressing the button to activate the wireless device causes the system to lockup.

Yesterday I dl'd the newest kernel 2.6.11 and with the fix mentioned in a post earlier today, I tried driverloader with it.

Now, instead of locking up, the system has its CPU pegged at ~100%.  But I was able to see that a process called "kdldrd/dpc" was eating up all this usage.  As with the most recent post that I've forwarded here, the keyboard input is strange.  In my case, same letters typed with other letters in between got jumbled.  For example, I would type "dldrconfig" and what showed up on screen a few seconds later was "ddlrconfig".  Or  "10802" became "10082".   Unlike the post I forwarded, mine is a single CPU system.

With the 2.6.11 kernel, I could press the button to deactivate the wireless device and the system would go back to normal (CPU usage OK and keyboard input OK).  On the 2.6.8-24.11 kernel, once the system locked up, deactivating the wireless device did not free up the system.


> From: "Martin A. Brooks" <martin at hinterlands.org>
> Date: 2005/03/03 Thu AM 11:03:36 EST
> To: driverloader at lists.linuxant.com
> Subject: [driverloader] multiple problems dl2.24 / debian amd64 / Belkin
> 	bcm4306 based card
> Hi
> I'm experiencing three problems with driverloader 2.24.  Firstly, what 
> does work:
> Driverloader compiles for my kernel (2.6.10) and allows me to upload the 
> driver for the wireless card.  The wireless card is detected correctly 
> and appears as eth1, I am able to use ifconfig to configure the interface.
> My problems are:
> 1) I cannot reach my accesspoint. Even with the correct ESSID set the AP 
> is not detected by the iw utilities.  I am not able to ping known up and 
> known working hosts on the network.
> 2) The kernelspace driverloader process consumes 100% of one CPU  (I 
> have a dual opteron 242). This hits performance quite a lot, as you can 
> imagine.
> 3) With driverloader in residence I get keyboard glitches under X  (not 
> under the console).  Typing "martin at hinterlands.org" for example, will 
> usually look something like 
> "marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtin at hinttttttttttttttttttttterlaaaaaaaaands.orrrrrrrrrg".  
> If I unload the driverloader module then all is well.
> Any hints appreciated
> Regards
> Martin A. Brooks
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