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Sat Mar 5 16:27:54 EST 2005


Last month I sent you a mail to support at linuxant.com but I had also some 
problems with my email address and I don't know if you received it. 
Meanwhile I dicovered this mailing list, so here my mail...

Fisrt, I wanna thank all your team for the driverloader... you did and 
still do a great job!

I use it for months on Gentoo with my ACX111 based wireless card and I 
just wanted to suggest you some improvements:

1. On Gentoo (I dunno with the other distros), there are some minor 
conflicts in the init scripts (boot scripts) after having installed the 

* Services 'driverloaderbuild' and 'checkroot' have circular
* dependency of type 'ibefore'; continuing... [ ok ]

This isn't a serious problem, it's just very annoying cause you get this 
avertissement at each boot and after each "emerge".

If you check out the two services mentioned 
(/etc/init.d/driverloaderbuild and /etc/init.d/checkroot) you'll notice 
that in the "depend()" section, which tells the system what order things 
need to be loaded in, they both have "before *", so the files are 
telling the system they both need to be loaded first - before each other 
- hence the circular dependancy.

I got around this by editing the depend() section of 
/etc/init.d/driverloaderbuild from "before *" to "before net" - since 
driverloaderbuild only needs to be loaded before the net service is 
loaded, not before _everything_ else.

Note: I dunno what checkroot is but it's installed by default in Gentoo.

References on Gentoo's forum <http://forums.gentoo.org>:

- When compiling from stage2, there's a circular dependency 
- Circular Dependency??? 
- What is a circular dependency how to fix it 

2. Still on Gentoo, there is an random issue with the runlevel of the 
driverloader init script which prevents some net related process to works:

If you check out the runlevel (rc-update show) of the driverloader 
script and the one of your net device (net.eth0, net.eth1, net.wlan0, 
...) script, you'll notice that they both have the same runlevel set to 
"default" (Gentoo's handbook says to set the runlevel of your net device 
script to "default"). So... randomly, the driverloader init script can 
be started *after* the  net device script... and the net configuration 
(dhcpcd, ...) fails cause the driverloader is not yet loaded.

The only way to solve this problem is to set the runlevel of the 
driverloader init script to "boot"... this way it'll *always* be loaded 
before the net init script and you are sure the net configuration will 
always suceeds.

More explanations here:

- dhcpcd randomly fails at boot 

You can get some documentation about the initscripts here:

Gentoo's Handbook: 4. Initscripts 

I Hope these short explanations will help you to solve these issues quickly.
If you need more information, feel free to mail me!


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