[driverloader] Only works on Channel 1

James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.us
Thu Mar 10 19:07:50 EST 2005


   I've got a netgear MA521 using the latest driver for the RTL8180 (per
the FAQ) I'm running on Mandrake 10.1 with the kernel and
driverloader (from the Mandrake rpm)


It's on a Compaq Armada M700.   

Problem:  Driverloader loads the driver fine. The card works as expected
but only if the AP is running on Channel 1.  I've attempted changing the
channel for the card via the web interface (a real pain, one would think
it would be able to roam channels.) but the only way I can get this card
to exchange data is on channel 1 (both card and AP must be set to 1.  So
thinking the card was bad. I went back to the store exchanged it for
another one, Re-applied for a trial license and poof.  Same problem.  Is
this a known condition of this card, if so it's actually next to
useless.  or ... is there something about the trial license that
prevents me from working correctly.


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