[driverloader] MDK 10.1 + DWL-G520 + driverload

charlie carroll k1xx at cfl.rr.com
Tue Mar 15 22:54:36 EST 2005

Has anyone ever gotten this combination to work?  

I've spent many hours and endless Google searches over the last month
trying any idea I could find, different motherboard, different XP
drivers, untolled configuration changes. Unfortunately, I can not find
the key.

I've privately sent the dumpdiag text file to tech support; that lead no
where too.

DriverLoader is correctly installed and you are using the correct
Windows driver. The licensing information is also correctly entered.
However, we don't see any access points in the output of the 'iwlist
scanning' command. As long as you are unable to see an access point in
the output of the previous command, you will not be able to associate
(connect) with your access point."

This is a desktop machine currently using a Soyo MB.  I use System
Commander to dual boot.  I'm currently using the same DLink card under
Win2K, as I send this message, without any difficulty.  Iwlist scan
could not find any access points, but it's obviously there.  

To use a technical term, it's almost like the card's turned off, but I
sure can't figure out why!

Anyone really have this combination working?  Any other hints... from



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