[driverloader] multiple problems running under debian-amd64

Max relf at unn.ac.ru
Wed Mar 16 20:17:57 EST 2005


I have been using driverloader with Belkin 54g wireless adapter quite successively under debian-i386.
But I cannot get it to work under debian-amd64 with Broadcom 64-bit drivers. There is a number of problems.

1) Driverloader cannot be installed with 'dpkg -i' because of the error

dpkg: error processing driverloader_2.26_i386.deb (--install):
  package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)

So I used '--force-architecture' option with dpkg though I'm not sure if it's supposed way to install driverloader.

2) Driverloader always complains

Architecture-specific modutils configuration not found, using defaults

while 'apt-get install modutils' claims "modutils is already the newest version".

3) The last but not the least problem. When driverloader is loaded, it starts eating 100% CPU ('kdldrd/dpc' process in top) driving the system unusable. In some cases it also complains

Unable to unload driver to configure license; adapter in use?
"License status" information might not be up to date.
Please reboot your computer.

Please advise.


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