[driverloader] Driverloader 2.26 + Dell TrueMobile 1300

Joel Konkle-Parker jjk3 at msstate.edu
Thu Mar 17 01:49:22 EST 2005

I have a Dell Inspiron 5150 with a TrueMobile 1300 MPCI 802.11b/g card
inside. I've used Driverloader with Dell's drivers successfully since
the 1.0x days.

Today, though, I upgraded to Driverloader 2.26 and Windows driver (R94827), and I've been getting severe periodic system
lockups. They happen very randomly, sometimes after a while of usage,
sometimes as soon as during the boot process. Always it's a full system
lock, with no recovery other than a cold reboot.

It's definitely caused by Driverloader, though. I've removed all traces
of it from my system and am now using a wired connection, and everything
is fine. When I install 2.26 with the new drivers, the system
immediately locks and does so after every reboot in which Driverloader
is used.

I do have a wired connection here, so I'm willing to test various things
to help you guys figure this out. I can try different Driverloader
releases, different Windows driver releases, and different kernels, if
you wish.

I'm using Gentoo with kernel 2.6.8-gentoo-r3 with your 16k stack patch

Thanks for the help.

Joel Konkle-Parker

E-mail     [jjk3 at msstate.edu]
Phone      [662-518-1636]

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