[driverloader] MDK 10.1 + DWL-G520 + driverload

charlie carroll k1xx at cfl.rr.com
Fri Mar 18 09:52:04 EST 2005

Finally, it works!  I spent more time today searching mail archives
looking for other clues.  One individual noted that his G520 worked on
channel 1.
When I got home from work I tried channel 1.  Unfortunately (or maybe
forutnately), I could not change the channel on the DLink DI-624
router.  The channel selector would not accept any entry other than the
default channel 6.  I called DLink Customer Service to get some help. 
The tech told me that when the Router is running in the Super G mode
(108Mb), it uses channels 1 & 6 simultaneously to produce that
bandwidth.  Super G mode needed to be turned off to select other than
the default channel.
Once I turned off Super G at the router, I selected channel 1 and
finally the G520 would start working.  I then tried channel 6, which
also worked.

For me, the mystery of driverloader, MDK 10.1, and a Rev. B DWL-G520 is
solved.  For others, YMMV.  Linuxant should consider a change to
driverloader for this issue.


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