[driverloader] Fedora Kernel for 2.6.11-1.1177_FC4

Vladimir G. Ivanovic vladimir at acm.org
Fri Mar 25 16:58:50 EST 2005


Don't panic!  ;-)  Linuxant makes available prebuilt kernels with 16K
stacks, but there is a short time lag between when the Fedora kernel
is available and when the equivalent Linuxant kernel is available.

It's perfectly acceptable to use a kernel that's one rev back ...
unless you are waiting for a particular bug fix or the new kernel is
closing a security hole. In either of those two cases, you will need
to make an unpleasant choice: no fix but with wireless, or fix but no

So, my advice is download the latest Linuxant rev kernel and install
that. (Don't forget to use "rpm -ivh kernel-xxxxxxxxx.rpm".)

Feel free to ping me with questions, but understand that the weekend
is nigh and it's beautiful here in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I'm
likely to be outside!

Good luck. 

--- Vladimir

Vladimir G. Ivanovic                      http://leonora.org/~vladimir
Palo Alto, CA 94306                                    +1 650 678 8014

On 03/25/2005 04:20 PM David Farrell wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying my dardest to get this all set up but I am rather new to
> linux and I'm not particularly savvy when it comes to building
> 'stuff'.
> I understand the limitation of my fedora installation's stack but
> none of the offered downloads on the Linuxand site can be installed
> on my machine.  It complains that my kernel is newer than that in
> the rpm's and I cannot install them.
> Anyone have a newer build with the large stack? or really really
> simple instructions on how I can build my own?
> Cheers
> David
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