[driverloader] Interaction between USB and Pcmcia Card

david david at dastekcom.com.au
Thu Mar 31 08:37:05 EST 2005

I installed the Linuxant driver to a IBM T20 laptop - running a generic 
802.11G 54Mb Pcmcia card. Network functions ok with Linuxant 
Driver,(except I have to load the card module from rc.local to get it 
started - is driver supposed to be started after Network initialisation  
and before ethernet ports are started?) however there must be some 
interaction betwen the driver and the USB port. Randomly the  Pcmcia 
network  card stops operating and the USB mouse also stops functioning. 
This does not occurr with an 802.11b Orinocco which is supported 
generically by FC3. I then have to shut down the system and restart to 
get it operational - a soft boot causes multiple errors to occur to the 
console screen. Removing the driver/crad fixes all above.

Thanks for any assistance.

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