[driverloader] Problem with driverloader loading at startup - Debian Sarge

michel.duval michel.duval at laposte.net
Mon Apr 4 23:05:29 EDT 2005


I'm running a Debian sarge distro, kernel 2.4.27-2-686 with a Belkin F5D6020
wireless card v3000 (Realtek 8180 driver).

I have installed driverloader (free trial license) a few days ago using the
dldrinstall.run script.

The install ran perfectly and after having configured the card with the
iwconfig tool the green light lit and finally a # dhclient eth0 set the
system fully functional.

The problem is that after every reboot I have to go through the full config
process to get the card connected:

-          indicate the location of .INF and .SYS files using the web
navigator as root (even the location of these 2 files is not saved !!!)

-          iwconfig (mode, key, essid): settings are lost after the reboot

-          dhclient .

I've read many posts in various forums but none of them gave me a solution
to set up an automatic connexion process.

Several posts talk about adding lines in /etc/rc.local but this particular
file does not exist in my distro, I have /etc/rc0.d, rc1.d, etc. but no

I'd like to have an indication on how I could keep from fully reconfiguring
the wireless system after the reboot

Does it have something to do with the order drivers are loaded during boot

Forgive my ignorance; I'm a simple Linux amateur, just above a basic newbie
(but not that high obviously)!


Thanx for the help


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