[driverloader] Problem with NETGEAR MA111v2

ggonsoulin ggonsoulin at gaojia.net
Tue May 3 11:14:39 EDT 2005


I've been following the thread by Paolo on trying to install an Netgear
MA111v2 on a Fedora Core 3 box with kernel 2.6-11_14-i686.

The problem I'm having is that driverloader isn't recognizing the device
at all.

Paolo wrote: The version is 2.26 with just one modification to the
modules/dldrusb.c as the ProductID/VendorID is 0x0846, 0x4230.

Could you elaborate on what change I need to make here?

I also have not yet downloaded the Linuxant pre-compile kernel for my FC3,
but plan to do so to fix the 4Kstack issue.  Will it also resolve this


Gregory Gonsoulin

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