[driverloader] I lose the configuration after the reboot

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do you absolutely need to use the 'cardctl insert' command or else it 
will not work at all? If this is the case, then the problem is unlikely 
related to DriverLoader. You could try the following workaround to fix 
the problem. Under Red Hat 9.0, please edit the file '/etc/rc.local' and 
at the end of this file, please add the following lines:

cardctl insert
modprobe driverloader
ifup <iface>

In the last line, you should replace <iface> with the name of the 
wireless interface used by DriverLoader, for example, eth1.


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Becky Bositampen wrote:
> After the reboot, I lose the wireless configuration.  I check with the
> network configuration tool of my Linux, the wireless is deactivated.  To
> reactivate it, I run "cardctl insert": the wireless card is on then I launch
> the Web Configurator, I upload the Windows XP driver. The wireless is
> activated, the connection is established. I must make this handling with
> each reboot.  How to avoid that? 
> I'm using the latest version of DriverLoader 2.27. I installed it with
> "dldrinstall.run".
> Thanks a lot,
> Bky 
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> Hi,
> for the configuration problem, if you use low level tools such as 
> 'iwconfig' and 'ifconfig' to configure the wireless interface, it is 
> normal that these settings are not remembered after a reboot. We 
> recommend that you use the network configuration tool provided in your 
> Linux distribution to configure the wireless interface.
> Since you are using a CardBus (32-bit PCMCIA) wireless card, please make 
> sure that you are using the latest version of DriverLoader (currently 
> 2.27) as in this version we have introduced a workaround for a problem 
> to start on boot the wireless interface on some machines with CardBus 
> wireless cards.
> If the 'device is busy' error message is generated because of 
> DriverLoader, then please try with different versions of the Windows XP 
> driver, it is possible that one of them will fix the problem. 
> Alternatively, you could try to run the 'dldrstop' command in a root 
> shell just before you reboot the machine.
> Regards,
> Jonathan
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> Becky Bositampen wrote:
>>I installed and configured the " DriverLoader " the Trial version under 
>>Redhat 9 Kernel 2.4.20-31.9 i686 for my CardBus Wireless Linksys 802.11G 
>>Broadcom.  Everything works well.  I have connection.  But when I reboot 
>>machine, I lose the configuration.  I must again reconfigure the 
>>driver.  At the machine shutdown, the filesystem  /usr is not 
>>dismounted, I have the message " device is busy ". 
>>What must I make to maintain the configuration of the driver and well to 
>>dismount the /usr during the shutdown ?
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