[driverloader] Installing driverloader on Ubuntu 5.04?

scoot scott.finnie at virgin.net
Tue May 31 01:24:43 EDT 2005

Thanks Jan,

Got the install done and the card now lights up green.  Just need to fnd 
out why it doesn't work (no entry shown  for it in ifconfig) but that's 
tomorrow night's task.

 - scoot.

Jan Milkin wrote:

> Ubuntu doesn't actually disable root. I use root all the time on my 
> Ubuntu box. However, it is geared toward sudo instead. So try using 
> sudo to run dldrinstall (something like `sudo dldrinstall.run`). If 
> you REALLY want root access then do `sudo passwd root` and then you 
> can su to root.
> -J
> scoot wrote:
>> I have driverloader licensed & running successfully on my laptop 
>> (Mandrake 10) but have installed ubuntu 5.04 now.
>> When I try to run dldrinstall.run it prompts for username & pwd, 
>> indicating that root must be used.  However, Ubuntu disables root, 
>> using sudo instead - so my install stops there.
>> Any suggestions welcome...
>> Thanks,
>> Scoot.
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