[driverloader] 16k Stack for Fedora Core 4

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Thu Jun 23 11:03:31 EDT 2005


it is quite possible that a 16K stacks kernel will not be required on 
Fedora Core 4 since the stack wrapper can be used unlike in Fedora Core 
2 and 3. You can activate it with the:

dldrconfig --enable-workaround stack

command in a root shell or with the Web Configurator. The stack 
workaround is also automatically enabled with some wireless devices 
which the NDIS driver is known to require more than 8K of stacks.

Please note that the stack wrapper will not work with Fedora Core 4 and 
DriverLoader 2.27, it will generate a stack trace and the device will 
not be detected, this known problem will be fixed in the next release of 
DriverLoader which should be out soon.


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jcs wrote:
> I've read the replies that tell us driverloader rpm's will be available
> shortly.  However, is it possible to provide a FC4 kernel with a 16k
> stack that would hopefully improve the generic version of driverloader?
> I've given up running the generic version because the lack of the larger
> stack makes the system unstable.  
> I would compile my own kernel, but I haven't figured out how reconfigure
> the config to make a larger stack.
> Thanks,
> Clifford
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