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Wed Jul 6 11:39:35 EDT 2005


if you need a special compiler to compile kernel modules, you can change 
this setting in the '/usr/lib/driverloader/modules/Makefile' file. You 
should look for a variable named CC.


Technical specialist / Linuxant
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Olaf Groeger wrote:
> ok, 
> thank you. I had a look onto TI's homepage. After that i suspect that it is 
> the 1450 chip. I heard another rumour, that avm will provide a linux driver 
> in the 3rd quarter although i couldn't find an official announcement. 
> Anyway,i'll wait and see. Thanks again for your interest.
> Yours
> Olaf
> P.S.: one point for the FAQ: the installation fails if the kernel compiler is 
> not in the (hard coded) PATH in dldrconfig. This happens with many LFS 
> systems, because they use (as the kernel team recommends) gcc 2.95 for 
> compiling the kernel, which resides somewhere in /opt, but an up-to-date 
> compiler as system compiler. Therefor the gcc 2.95 compiler isn't in the path 
> and it need not to be, because make uses the CC variable which can be set 
> accurate when compiling the kernel (make CC=/opt/... bzImage). So when it 
> happens, that the installation fails with "gcc version ... or similar is 
> required" and you know you have this version, you should adapt dldrconfig.
>>it is quite possible that you are right that the chipset is provided by
>>Texas Instruments (TI). The only hint is the following strings in the
>>.sys file:
>>The ACX100 and ACX111 are wireless chips from TI.
>>DriverLoader doesn't officially support this new USB chipset and we will
>>contact you back when official support for this chipset will be added to
>>Technical specialist / Linuxant
>>support at linuxant.com
>>Olaf Groeger wrote:
>>>as you wished:
>>>the attached file driverloaderdiag.txt has been recorded while the avm
>>>driver was uploaded, but the hotplug was disabled. This avoids loading
>>>the ehci driver for the D-Link USB Cardbus card and the driver for the
>>>usb stick wan device. The file driverloaderdiag_without_driver.txt has
>>>been recorded after removing the avm drivers from driverloader and
>>>starting the hotplug. Thus ehci was loaded and the usb stick was attached
>>>to the usb bus.
>>>Am Montag, 4. Juli 2005 16:56 schrieben Sie:
>>>>could you please send at support at linuxant.com the output of 'dumpdiag'?
>>>>Type the following in a root shell:
>>>>dldrconfig --dumpdiag
>>>>If the previous command crashes your machine, please try this command
>>>>dldrconfig --dumpdiag --noprobe
>>>>Just send us the generated file located in /tmp
>>>>('driverloaderdiag.txt'). It'll help us solve the problem.
>>>>Technical specialist / Linuxant
>>>>support at linuxant.com
>>>>Olaf Groeger wrote:
>>>>>i installed Driverloader, current version, and these drivers from avm:
>>>>>z !wlan_usb_stick_build_050608.exe
>>>>>The device is a Fritz!WLAN USB Stick, which contains as a rumor said, a
>>>>>recent version of TI. At least it supports  802.11g++ and WPA2.
>>>>>As soon as driverloader loads the fwlanusb driver the kernel crashes. I
>>>>>tried both a LinuxFromScratch with kernel 2.4.31 and a Fedore Core 3
>>>>>with the Linuxant patched kernel 2.6.11-1.35_FC3.stk16.
>>>>>The kernel 2.4.31 stack trace is:
>>>>>driverloader: fwlanusb.sys: 0xe0db6000..0xe0e24a80 entry = e0e21700
>>>>>(pbase = 0x10000)
>>>>>Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address
>>>>>0000000c printing eip:
>>>>>*pde = 00000000
>>>>>Oops: 0000
>>>>>CPU:    0
>>>>>EIP:    0010:[<e0e11229>]    Tainted: P
>>>>>EFLAGS: 00010286
>>>>>eax: 00000000   ebx: 00000100   ecx: 00000000   edx: 00000000
>>>>>esi: d5bfb808   edi: d5bfb808   ebp: dade3e6c   esp: dade3e50
>>>>>ds: 0018   es: 0018 ss: 0018
>>>>>Process modprobe (pid: 1300, stackpage=dade3000)
>>>>>Stack: db1cf008 00000000 00000000 db1cf448 00000000 db1cf008 00000000
>>>>>dade3e84 e0e13dcd db1cf008 db1cf008 c0000002 db1cf448 dade3ecc e0e21312
>>>>>db1cf008 00000100 d5bfb808 d5bfb808 dade3ecc 00000000 23222120 e0e20dc0
>>>>>00de3ecc Call Trace:    [<e0d82c16>] [<e0d84661>] [<c01345c8>]
>>>>>[<c0115c88>] [<c0119e48>]
>>>>> [<c010849a>] [<e0d84580>] [<c0106ed8>]
>>>>>Code: 3b 51 0c 73 35 8b 45 f4 89 45 f8 8b 4d f8 0f b6 11 85 d2 74
>>>>><0>Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
>>>>>In interrupt handler - not syncing
>>>>>Is there any hope to get this device working? The driver itself is
>>>>>working with Windows XP.
>>>>>Yours Olaf
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