[driverloader] Configuration problem?

Peter Talbot pete at stagefights.com
Wed Jul 20 15:58:44 EDT 2005


I've just purchased driverloader after unsuccessfully trying to get
ndiswrapper working on my laptop. I'm having the following problem:

I can "see" my access point with iwconfig (it correctly lists the ESSID
and MAC address of my router), but trying to ping the router results in
the error "Network is unreachable", and browsing web pages fails.

My network consists of two routers one at, which is my
gateway to the internet and a wireless router at .

My laptop is a 64-bit emachines M6811 running Fedora Core 4. The
wireless card lists (under windows) as board: BCM4306MP Rev 4.4
chipset:BCM4306/BCM22050000. I have no difficulty with wireless under
windows (however I strongly suspect windows is using a 32-bit driver for
the card).

I'm not sure what's exactly wrong here, and would appreciate any help.
I'm somewhat experienced with Fedora linux, have used it for about a
year, but wireless is something I've never been able to get working


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