[driverloader] Configuration problem

Anders.Naslund at connecta.se Anders.Naslund at connecta.se
Thu Jul 21 09:39:04 EDT 2005

Hi Peter and Rob,

If Your in a Windows environment chanses are high they are using PEAP authentication.
It's built in to the XP clients and is what most admins prefer these days.
If thats the case, You need "xsupplicant" or similar to support the auth.
I guess the WLAN admin could tell....


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Have you tried configuring your IP address as static rather than via DHCP? It doesn't work for me, so mine isn't **entirely** a IP addressing problem (unless it's a Fedora [mis]configuration thing I didn't get)

If you haven't tried it yet, it may be worth a shot...

Which driver are you using? netbc564?


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