[driverloader] Card does not come up on start up

Vadim gopackers at ukr.net
Sun Jul 24 23:12:13 EDT 2005

What does Ndswrapper have to do with anything? 

In my case, I have to run manually 

dldrcondifg -a 

and the driver is reloaded and card is activated. My question is why it does not happen automatically anymore?


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From: Joe LeBlanc <jdlspeedy at yahoo.com>
To: Vadim <gopackers at ukr.net>
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 13:22:34 -0400
Subject: Re: [driverloader] Card does not come up on start up

> Ndiswrapper doesn't work on the card? Is the init script for 
> driverloader starting up at boot up? Is the driver for driverloader 
> still in the driverloader db?
>    Joe
> Vadim wrote:
> >I am running DWL 650 with Driverloader 2.27 on Mandrake 10.1. For some reason the card does not come up automatically when I start up or reboot my computer. It was working just fine for a long time, but last couple of days I noticed this problem. Any ideas what's going on? Thanks, Vadim
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