[driverloader] Dell 5100 & True Mobil 1300 Failed

Bob Talbot talbotrobert at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 5 17:55:41 EDT 2005

I have purchased the Wan Driver package.

I have installed several times but the wireless card will not activate.

Here is my situation.

Dual Boot Dell 5100 Inspiron Laptop   WinXP Pro and Suse Pro 9.3

 Dell True Mobil 1300 Wan Card with latest inf & sys files from Dell.

 Netgear 21x4x Pcmcia NIC card which I am using NOW.

 BroadCom BCM4401 on motherboard which is Broken. and not configured I
installed automatically from the WEB site failed. The card does not activate
not even local net pinging. I Double checked mac address it is correct to

The card performs correctly with WinDose.

I also tried from command line dldrinstall to install again. 

I also attempted after a rpm -e on the driverloader and started from

I know this card works with linux as I have corresponded with others who
have used the NDIS wrapper plain wrapper method with success. I thought I
would save myself a headache by using the Linuxant auto install. I guess I
was wrong as I have problems.

 Perhaps I have made an error on each  attempt but I can't see it.

Please help me get this going as the Wireless connection is essential in my
Business the Cat5 connection is seldom used.


Thank You

Bob Talbot


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