[driverloader] Broadcom 4318 uses eth0 instead of wlan0

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Wed Oct 19 11:08:22 EDT 2005


first of all, the link to the 'driverloaderdiag.txt' doesn't work but 
you are probably affected by a known issue with DriverLoader 2.29 on 
SuSE 10.

On this distribution, the wireless interface name should always be 
prefixed by 'wlan' or else you will not be able to configure this 
network interface as a wireless interface in YaST.

A patch to fix this problem is available at:


and it will be included in the next release of DriverLoader which should 
be out soon.

Even if you apply the patch now, it will not solve the problem as the 
patch will only fix the name of the wireless interface at the creation 
of it, which is already done in your case. To fix the problem without 
even applying the patch, the first step is do do what you have already 
done, it's to use the following command in a root shell:

dldrconfig --netdevname=wlan0

But now DriverLoader and udev will disagree about the name of the 
wireless interface so you will have to manually fix the udev rule in a 
file located in the '/etc/udev/rules' directory. When the rule is fixed, 
please run the following commands in a root shell to reload DriverLoader:

dldrconfig -i

After that, you should now be able to configure the wireless interface 
with YaST.


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

Jason Carlson wrote:
> I have a Presario V2000 Laptop with AMD Turion
> Processor.
> Compaq dosent have a 64bit driver for the built in
> wireless card. The 64bit version of the driver on your
> site wont recognize my card. However, I found a 64bit
> driver for the same card and PCI:ID on an acer laptop.
> driverloader recognizes the card but uses eth1 instead
> of wlan0. I can't get this card to work right. If I
> use dldrconfig --netdevname=wlan0 it tells me there is
> no device present. Do you have any suggestion?
> driverloaderdiag.txt:
> http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/bc/411d41fd_768d/bc/My+Documents/driverloaderdiag.txt?BCz7dVDBOF9IyEz4
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