[driverloader] problem connecting--please help!

Khalid HajSaleh khalidhajsaleh at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 06:55:30 EST 2005


I installed driverloader for my linksys WMP11 ver4. I
can now see the device as eth1 under my network
configration. I am running fedor core 4.
Whenver I try to activate eth1, I get the
error:Determining IP information for eth1..failed.

I was looking at my network configration GUI tool, I
don't have anything set up under DNS. The host name is
localhost.localdomain. I also don't have anything set
up under hosts.  I am not sure if I am suppose to have
anything in either places. My connection works fine
under windows xp by using DHCP and dynamic IP address.

Please help!


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