[driverloader] Promise RAID controller 8350

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you have sent your message to the wrong mailing list.  This list is only 
used to discuss about DriverLoader which is a revolutionary 
compatibility-wrapper allowing standard Windows NDIS (Network Driver 
Interface Specification) drivers shipped by hardware vendors to be used 
as-is on Linux x86 systems.

You should could ask other Fedora Core 3 users on a Fedora Core specific 
mailing list, perhaps you will get a solution to your problem. A list of 
mailing lists for Fedora Core is available at:



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Hans Wegener wrote:
> I am new to Linux, so please be gentle.
> The Promise 8350 is Linux compatable, and many drivers are provided, 
> just not the one I need.  It is a PCI Express X4 card.
> I have Fedora Core 3 installed with Kernel 2.6.9-1, the closest Redhat 
> driver I can find is for Kernel 2.6.9-5, it will not install due to 
> wrong Kernel version.  I have run yum kernel update, and presently the 
> kernel running is 2.6.12-1.  The driver will still not install, 
> apparantly the Kernel must be be the exact version the driver expects.  
> Can I override Kernel check?
> Any suggestions.  I have never recompiled a Kernel, so I would need a 
> ton of help there if that is my only option.
> This is a new box I am working with, so total re-install is not a 
> problem - there is no data to worry about.
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