[driverloader] driverloader and 4K stacks in 2.6 kernel

Bob Tracy rct at gherkin.frus.com
Fri Dec 16 22:34:07 EST 2005

Apologies if this has been beaten to death recently, but I haven't seen
any traffic here that caught my eye on this subject.

It looks like the Linux kernel developers are finally getting serious
about ramming 4K stacks down my throat, and I assume this will affect
driverloader much the same way as ndiswrapper.  There is not so much as
a whiff of a rumor regarding native Linux drivers for my D-Link
DWL-G630 802.11g card (Marvell chipset).  That being the case, I was
wondering how Linuxant was planning to address the 4K stack issue,
because the ability to build a 2.6 kernel from kernel.org source with 8K
stacks probably won't be an option without third-party patches.

Recent traffic on the linux-kernel mail list indicates one guy is doing
some serious work on running ndiswrapper in user space, but that's only
going to cover the USB side of the fence from what I gather.

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