[driverloader] sh dldrinstall.run

Maurizio Gramigni mario at chianti-doc.com
Sat Jan 28 11:28:51 EST 2006

We have the Suse 10.0 and we try to connect to our LAN using the Linksys
WMP54G card. Last resort is your DriverLoader. The Kernel is
2.6.13-8-smp and we download the 2.6.13-15-smp DriveLoader.
We run the command "sh dldrinstall.run" at root and we are ask to insert
ID and PW and to connect to http://127.0.01:18020/ !
We DONOT have any LAN connection because we CANNOT reach the AP via
wireless ......

So we are interested to purchase you DriveLoader if is working solving
our problem. Can you Help us ?


Mario G.

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