[driverloader] dirverloader, wpc54g, ubuntu (latest) delays when connecting to network after boot

Bryan Gomes b.gomes at f5.com
Mon Feb 20 12:50:33 EST 2006



I'm currently evaulating the free trial driver and I seem to have it all
configured correctly, after a reboot it takes up to about 5 minutes for
my system to connect to my wireless network.


I have verified that:

1)  wpa_supplicant IS running after reboot

2)  the card is active, and the inteface wlan0 is UP


However it just take about 5 minute for it to join the network.


I'm pretty competent when it comes to Linux so I'm just looking to see
if anyone has seen this, and get a general idea about where I should
start in order to get my system to join the network faster.









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