[driverloader] applying kernel patch

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Tue Apr 18 18:31:02 EDT 2006


while you are in the root of the kernel source tree, you can apply the 
patch with the following command:

patch -p1 < /full/path/to/file.patch

Patching the kernel is only recommended to advanced users which have 
custom Linux kernels.

Please note however that patching the kernel is likely not required. If 
you are not using a Fedora Core 2, 3 or a RHEL 4 kernel, you can use the 
stack a workaround with the 'dldrconfig --enable-workaround=stack' 
command in a root shell. If you are using one of the distributions 
mentioned above, we offer pre-compiled 16K stacks kernels for these 
distributions on the DriverLoader download page at:


If the kernel stack size is not the issue, you should try with different 
versions of the Windows XP driver and an updated firmware for the access 
point to see if there is a difference.


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michael johnson wrote:
> I am desperately trying to get the driverloader to work with my dell 
> computer. The problem I have is that after awhile the connection 
> drops/stops. I would like to chek if it is the kernel stack problem. So 
> my question is if I'm going to patch the kernel with the patch utility 
> where should I put the patch in relation to the source tree? And what 
> command should I give?
> br
> --michael johnson
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