[driverloader] Re: Lost documentation

Guido Milanese guidofabrizio.milanese at fastwebnet.it
Wed Jun 7 22:46:19 EDT 2006

On Wednesday 07 June 2006 HH:37, Linuxant support (Jonathan) wrote:
> Hi,
> your license tokens and keys are found at this link:
> https://www.linuxant.com/store/account_licenses.php

Thanks -- found.

> Please let us know if you require more assistance.
Yes, please... After upgrading to Mandriva 2006 I noticed that the wireless 
was not working any more. So I followed what you told me some months ago -- 
since the kernel was not the same, I had to uninstall  DriverLoader with the 
'dldrconfig --uninstall' command. To my surprise, the connection was now able 
to use the Windows driver through  ndsiwrapper. But this connection is not 
very reliable -- I must configure it almost at every boot.

What do you suggest? Try again with driverloader? Can driverload conflict with 
the ndsiwrapper configuration?

MAny thanks!
guido, italy

Guido Milanese
Vocal Ensemble Ars Antiqua, Genova (Genoa), Italy

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