[driverloader] dldr_wpa_supplicant doesn't see wlan0

Jonathan Byrne jonathan at yamame.org
Sat Jul 1 22:07:41 EDT 2006

Hi Craig,

At least you got a little farther than I did <g>

I just bought this card a few days ago, maybe the best suggestion would 
be to put it back in the box and return it to Fry's...

If I didn't like my 600X so much, I'd just get a T-30 with an internal 
Atheros card in it. My wife has one (also running Kubuntu Dapper) and 
it works great.


On Saturday 01 July 2006 20:51, Craig Bell wrote:
> I have the WPC54GS on FC5 on a T30 laptop.  I've tried everything I
> can think of to get WPA working, but so far it is not.  I am working
> with support at linuxant.com, but we haven't found the fix yet.
> My card works fine with my linksys WRT54GS if I disable security and
> I am in mixed mode.  It usually takes a few minutes after booting to
> finally talk with the router.  I assume you've got your SSID either
> broadcast or in your machine's network settings.  Sorry, I'm not sure
> what else to suggest.

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