[driverloader] Installing driverloader for WMP11v4 on Redhat Linux 9.0

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Tue Aug 1 14:14:50 EDT 2006


it seems that you have a damaged installation of DriverLoader:

./dldrconfig: line 1: dldrstop: command not found
Can't open perl script "webconfd": No such file or directory

I don't know what you did exactly, but it did damage to the DriverLoader 
installation and possibly the RPM database.

I suggest that you use the the generic package in the TAR format and use 
the 'make install' command in the root of that package without using the 
'make uninstall' command, hopefully that will fix the DriverLoader 


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

Avinash Ramanath wrote:
> I have my wireless card attached to the machine.
> I can use it when I am in Windows and it works perfectly alright.
> I have a license for my wireless NIC card (INPROCOMM chipset, WMP11v4 
> card).
> I removed driverloader using both "rpm -e driverloader" and "make 
> uninstall".
> Then I ran the script "sh dldrinstall.run".
> The package is getting downloaded from the website, but in the next
> step it indicates "Removing the installed RPM package failed."
> I have attached the output of "dldrconfig --dumpdiag" with the mail.
> I would appreciate if you would let me know about circumventing this
> issue and installing driverloader successfully on my machine.
> I have a Redhat 9.0 installed on my machine.
> Thanks,
> Avinash.
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