[driverloader] still problematic after update ...

Michel Kerszberg mkersz at ccr.jussieu.fr
Sun Oct 1 00:01:05 EDT 2006


OK so after update to under linux-2.6.8-24.25-default, modem
would not start because /dev/ttySHSF0 did not exist. Jonathan told me to run
hsfconfig --serial and that seemed to have solved the problem, after a reboot.

Problem is still there however. Whenever I change user profiles (using scpm) or
whenever I reboot, I have to run hsfconfig --serial again (after which
/dev/ttySHSF0 exists) and reboot before I can use the modem ...

During boot there is never anything beyond the usual "starting conexant modem"
message. I am baffled.

  Michel Kerszberg
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      Modélisation dynamique des systèmes intégrés
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