[driverloader] Driverloader Install On Ubuntu 2.6.15-23-386

Roger Kitain rkitain at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 3 13:00:01 EDT 2006

I've installed driverloader on Ubuntu Linux
(kernel: 2.6.15-23-386).

I have a built in  Atheros AR5001X wireless adapter.
The drivers are: ar5211.sys  net5211.inf

I attempted to upload the drivers (from windows) 
at the driverloader configuration web site, but
end up with the following:

No devices found.

	It seems that your device is either not present or
not supported by the installed driver(s). Either:

1. Plug-in your device and click [Refresh] to retry,
2. Upload a new driver using the [Upload Windows
Driver] button below.

If your device still does not appear, please look at
the Kernel Messages for possible clues and check that
no conflicting kernel modules are loaded.

Driver	Vendor	Version	Delete
net5211	%ATHEROS%	09/17/2003,	[X]

	Kernel module ath_pci overridden by net5211
The end of the kernel messages file says:

[4298654.902000] driverloader: stack=8192/60/0 PREEMPT
[4298654.944000] usbcore: registered new driver

Any help would be appreciated.

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