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LeGrand Alley stenkil at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 10 16:27:29 EST 2006

I'm having troubles with the last few steps of installing DriverLoader.  First I tried using the dldrinstall.run file and it seems to have worked until it loads the web browser.  I entered the "root" username and the horribly long password asked by the installer.  Then the web browser starts to load but has this message:
  "Unexpected output from the 'wget' command:"  Then inside a box it has:
                   => `var/run/autodownload.10552.urlfile'
  Resolving www.linuxant.com... failed:  Temporary failure in name resolution"
  Then at the very bottom of the page below this box, it has a yellow exclamation box that says:
  "Downloading the file failed.  Skipping downloading
  And then a red box below that with a big red X that says:
  "No packages are available to be installed.  It is possible that there is a network related problem which prevent the installer to download required file.  You could try to manually download and install a package from http://www.linuxant.com/driverloader/wlan/full/downloads.php."
  So, I did that and downloaded the files for ubuntu 6.10.  My system required the 2.6.17-10-generic kernel.  And again everything was working fine until the end.  The Installation says it is finished, but then there is a message at the bottom of the terminal that says:
  "To complete the installation, please set the web configurator password with the "dldrconfig --webconfd-pass" then point your browser to:
  The problem I have here is that when I open a terminal and type in "dldrconfig" or "dldrconfig --webconfd-pass" or anything like that, then it tells me:
  "bash:  /usr/sbin/dldrconfig: Permission denied"
  So, I have no idea what to do with either of the installations to make this work.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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