[driverloader] CentOS 4.4 & smp kernel?

Phillip Ross phillip.ross at yahoo.com
Sat May 19 02:55:36 EDT 2007

Hi all...

I've just upgraded my laptop from a dell lattitude d800 to d820.  Driverloader's been working flawlessly with the builtin Dell 1350 WLAN card on the d800 with CentOS 4.x with all kernels that I have been using, but after installing on the d820 with an smp kernel the driverloader module doesnt seem to want to load.  It gives the following error:
driverloader: Unknown symbol mm_tracking_struct
driverloader:  Unknown symbol do_mm_track

When I tried with the non smp kernel the driver seemed to load, but I didnt get as far as installing the Dell driver yet.

Just wondering, anyone ever seen this problem with an SMP kernel?  Maybe know what the problem might be or what else I can look at?  Googling for info thus far on the missing symbols has turned up someone having ATI video driver problems of some sort but nothing with driverloader :/

- Phillip

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