[driverloader] Problem with Static IP in Ubuntu

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Wed Sep 5 16:49:45 EDT 2007


please make sure that the default route is set to the wireless interface 
and not the Ethernet device, it is a possible and common source of 
problem. You can see the IP routing table with the 'sudo ip route' 
command in a shell on Ubuntu.


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joe at dnswebcreations.com wrote:
> I am trying to set up my wireless connection as a static IP, but it will 
> not let me connect.
> I have a Dell Latitude D600 laptop running Ubuntu 7.04.
> In "Network Settings" I have "Wired Connection" checked.   In 
> "Properties" I have "Configuration" selected as "Automatic configuration 
> (DHCP)."
> To set up a static IP, I make the following changes:
> Configuration: Static IP Address
> IP Address:
> Subnet Mask:
> Gateway Address:
> I close this window, then click on the DNS tab. I add to the 
> DNS Servers list.
> I lose my wireless connection. I have to change the configuration back 
> to automatic.
> These are essentially the settings on my WinXP Pro box (except for the 
> static ip address itself), and it works fine.
> Any thoughts? I'm not a network expert, I know just enough to be dangerous.
> Thanks!
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