[driverloader] WPA associates with router, but no dhcp response

Mike Black mlblac02 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 23:01:04 EST 2008


I recently had to replace my motherboard so I went ahead and re-installed 
Linux to avoid any problems that may arise. I switched from Gentoo to Debian 
because I'd had no problems setting Debian up on my laptop and don't have 
time to go through all the intense setup of Gentoo again right now. After 
re-installing, however, I ran into problems getting the machine to work on my 
apartment's router. If it were just me living here, I'd turn off the 
encryption until I could figure out what the problem is, but the guy I'm 
renting from insists on leaving WPA up...

Ok, basic problem: wpa_supplicant connects to the router, the psk gets 
accepted, but then when I try to get an IP with dhclient, I can't get a 
dhcpoffer response from the router.

First, here is my wpa_supplicant.conf:


psk="(my key here)"

In case you're wondering, its one of the sample ones included in the 
documentation with my apartment's ssid and password entered in. I used the 
same one before in Gentoo, and I'm using it right now on the laptop I'm 
typing this on (which is also running Debian). The laptop connects with 
wpa_supplicant and gets an ip through dhclient rather quickly.

So I compared the output of iwconfig for both, and I've noticed that the 
problem machine lists Encryption as "off" while my laptop has a long 
alphanumeric key. This leads me to believe that somehow encryption has been 
disabled on my problem machine, which is preventing it from communicating 
properly with the router and getting an ip with dhclient.

Once again, I'm using the same WPA configuration file and driver (DriverLoader 
with RT61 driver for a Linksys WMP54Gv4.1) I used in Gentoo. When I load the 
driver, dmesg says that WPA is encryption is supported. I'm now sure where to 
go from here, but I'm starting to lose my patience. Please help!

Michael Black

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