[driverloader] do_softirq solution pending?

Bob Tracy rct at frus.com
Sun Feb 24 19:10:51 EST 2008

rct wrote:
> I got sucked-in by the 2.40 release of "driverloader", expecting that it
> would have a fix for the do_softirq() problem that first appeared in the
> 2.6.24-rcX series.

Can the workaround for the case where CONFIG_4KSTACKS is not defined
really be as simple as

#define irq_exit()

in "modules/GPL/oscompat.h"?  I seem to be getting away with it on the
2.6.24-rc6 kernel as I type this...  Got the idea by inspecting the x86
32-bit code and noticing there seems to be no do_softirq() function
defined unless CONFIG_4KSTACKS is defined, so the removal of
EXPORT_SYMBOL(do_softirq) from the kernel source doesn't seem to be the
real issue here.

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