[driverloader] do_softirq solution pending?

Bob Tracy rct at frus.com
Sun Apr 13 15:11:22 EDT 2008

Linuxant support (Jonathan) wrote:
> we are aware that DriverLoader 2.40 does not work on a 2.6.24.x kernel 
> because the "do_softirq" symbol is no longer exported to modules. This 
> issue is difficult to solve in DriverLoader but our developers are 
> working on this.


The situation has gotten significantly worse beginning with the 2.6.25-rc2
kernel.  Several USB-related symbols formerly exported without restrictions
are now being exported with EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL().  Thus, "driverloader" can
no longer access them.

The workaround is obvious, but neither appropriate (for other than individual
use) nor sustainable in the long term.

There is also a "if (!current->fs->root) { " that seems to have been fixed
in other kernel drivers by omitting the test and related code: "root" is
"struct path" in the current 2.6.25-rcX kernels, so binary negation is not

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