[driverloader] Ubuntu Hardy - driverloader says no devices detected because ssb still loaded

Brian Burch brian at PingToo.com
Wed Jun 18 09:17:58 EDT 2008

I updated the kernel to 2.6.24-19-rt and ran dldrinstall. The generic 
driver compiled OK (version 2.41), but the driverloader configuration 
panel said that my broadcom bcm43xx driver was not working because 
"module ssb is still loaded".

I found a lot of confusing stuff when googling, but nothing very clearly 
relevant. I have a circumvention, but perhaps you can help me fix this 
problem properly?

I did two things to get my driver running properly:

1. edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist. Comment out the line "blacklist 
bcm43xx". (I also added new blacklist lines for b43 and ssb, but I am 
not sure these are necessary - this change was not enough on its own 
because ssb is apparently loaded earlier than driverloader).

2. issue the following sequence of commands:
sudo rmmod ohci_hcd
sudo rmmod ssb
sudo rmmod driverloader
sudo modprobe driverloader
sudo modprobe ssb
sudo modprobe ohci_hcd

After this my wlan connection works AND I can still access usb devices. 
After refreshing the Linuxant configuration display I can see the 
correct driver is loaded and working.

I found the blacklist idea from a lot of posts, many of which were old 
or for other linux distributions - especially fedora.

I found the rmmod sequence in 

The bug refers to ndiswrapper, so I substituted driverloader. However, 
the proposed circumvention suggests creating a new file with these 
commands in /etc/init.d/ndiswrapper. I looked at 
/etc/init.d/driverloader -> /usr/sbin/rcdriverloader and decided not to 
kludge it without your advice. I presume I'll have to re-issue this 
sequence of commands every time I boot the system.



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