[hcflinux-announce] [ANNOUNCE] Improved Conexant HCF/HSF Linux drivers and website

Marc Boucher marc at mbsi.ca
Sat Apr 6 00:40:32 EST 2002


I am happy to announce that new versions of the Linux drivers for
Conexant HCF (controllerless) and HSF (soft) modem chipsets featuring
important bug fixes and new distribution-specific RPM packages are
available from our completely redesigned web site at:


The new distribution-specific RPM packages contain - in addition to
os-specific source - pre-linked kernel modules for common kernel versions
to facilitate the installation process; no recompilation nor kernel source
tree should be required anymore for most current versions of the mainstream
distributions. We plan to extend the support to more kernel versions,
however on-the-fly recompilation will of course remain supported.

Along with the new web site we are inaugurating four mailing lists
(hcflinux-announce, hsflinux-announce, hcflinux, hsflinux) for announcements
and open discussion of HCF/HSF driver issues under Linux.

Instructions on how to subscribe, post to, or consult the archives of
those lists and many additional resources are on the web site above.


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