[hcflinux-announce] New hcfusbmodem-0.98lnxtbeta03041600ppc driver released

Marc Boucher marc at mbsi.ca
Thu Apr 17 18:59:06 EDT 2003


A new version of the experimental Conexant HCF (controllerless) driver for
Linux (USB PPC hardware type) is now available from


This driver supports the internal modem in recent Apple PowerPC machines,
such as the Titanium PowerBook.

Support for newer kernels and a few bug fixes are the highlights
of this release.

The detailed list of changes is available below.

Please report any new or persisting problems.

Many thanks to Benjamin Herrenschmidt for his assistance with PPC issues !


PS: Archived copies of previous releases are available via a link
located at the bottom of the main download page.

Wed Apr 16 2003 Marc Boucher
	* Released hcfusbmodem-0.98mbsibeta03041600ppc.
	(see FAQ if you are looking for an x86 version of hcfusbmodem driver)

Wed Apr 16 2003 Marc Boucher
	* FAQ: major update.
	* modules/kernelcompiler.sh: updated.

Wed Apr 16 2003 Marc Boucher
	* modules/osspec/osservices.c: compatibility changes for
	RedHat 9 and newer 2.5 kernels.
	* modules/osspec/osservices.c: fixed important race in mdmthrd().

Wed Apr 16 2003 Marc Boucher
	* Now officially maintained and distributed by Linuxant.

Wed Oct 16 2002 Marc Boucher
	* scripts/hcfconfig.in: optimized auto_find_inf() to compensate for
	RedHat 8.0 gawk slowness.

Sun Sep 29 2002 Marc Boucher
	* makefile: tardist: changed way tar.gz files are generated to
	avoid gzip "decompression OK, trailing garbage ignored" messages.

Mon Sep 23 2002 Marc Boucher
	* modules/osspec/osservices.c: minor adjustments for 2.5 compatibility.
	* modules/serial_core.c: uart_register_driver(): set driver_name
	to drv->owner->name for proper /proc/tty/driver/ naming;

Mon Sep 02 2002 Marc Boucher
	* Released hcfpcimodem-0.98mbsibeta02090200.
	* Released hcfusbmodem-0.98mbsibeta02090200ppc.

Mon Sep 02 2002 Marc Boucher
	* imported/hcfengine.O: added fix for hangup problems & fax workaround.
	* inf/: ATI3 string changed to use new driver (target) name, restored
	previous fAnalogSpeaker setting in OEM FLAGS.
	* scripts/hcfconfig.in: fixed awk strtonum issue. (Thanks to Edd Dumbill)
	* scripts/hcfconfig.in: added @HCFTARGET@ inf substitution keyword.

Sun Sep 01 2002 Marc Boucher
	* Released hcfpcimodem-0.98mbsibeta02090100.
	* Released hcfusbmodem-0.98mbsibeta02090100ppc.

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