[hcflinux] Redhat 9, dial tone remains during dialing

John Spray jcs116 at york.ac.uk
Thu Jul 17 13:49:03 EDT 2003


I have recently come into possession of an external serial modem, and 
have actually had some similar problems with it!  It turns out that I'm 
having a problem with an extension cable - I guess the signal must be 
getting too weak (I have only a shaky grasp of that kind of stuff).  I'm 
sorry to have wasted your time in this matter.  Of course, if you'd like 
me to continue with diagnostics to make the driver cope better with such 
situations, just let me know.


Linuxant modem support wrote:

>you are perfectly right about the country code. It seems that some drivers'
>country file do not use the country T35 codes to tag the settings.
>In the current.cty file, you mentioned that you put:
>The default is:
>I believe you should use this:
>The problem might be something else entirely. I just looked at your dumpdiag
>and there are errors related with the IRQ assignment, which might cause your
>dialing problem.
>I suggest playing with the kernel options "noapic", "acpi=off" and/or
>If that doesn't work, you can try to configure and install a generic kernel
>with the ACPI patches found on this web site:
>If you compile your own kernel, you will also have to use the generic HCF
>driver instead of the pre-compiled driver.
>Please let us know about your results.
>Jean-Simon Durand
>Technical specialist / Linuxant
>modem.support at linuxant.com

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