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the "NO DIALTONE" and "NO CARRIER" symptoms are often caused by an IRQ
routing issue.

There are at least three options that might fix the problem.

1) Try playing with the following kernel boot parameters:

"pci=noacpi", "acpi=off", "noapic" and/or "apm=off".

2) Configure and install a generic 2.4 kernel (from kernel.org) with the
ACPI patches found on this web site:


3) Configure and install a generic 2.6 kernel.

With option 2 and 3, you need to install the generic modem driver package
(instead of a package specific to a single distribution/kernel). You will
find the generic drivers under the title "Generic packages with source" on
the download page. I recommend using the RPM when your distribution supports

Please let us know about your results.


Jean-Simon Durand
Technical specialist / Linuxant
modem.support at linuxant.com

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hello all,
  i have conexant hcf modem and i have downloaded the drivers for that from
www.linuxant.com and it got installed on my system having red hat linux 9.
but now there is a problem that when i try to connect to internet using
"kppp" then it shows that 'modem initiallizing' and 'modem ready' but after
that when it dials the number after some time it shows " NO CARRIER " error
message and i am unable to connect to internet through linux. can anybody
please help me. thanks in advance.
 naveen kumar

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