[hcflinux] hcf linux driver

Kuba Leszewski k.leszewski at ce3.pl
Mon Mar 22 16:46:28 EST 2004

W liście z pon, 08-04-2002, godz. 08:32, Marc Boucher pisze: 
> What is the device ID of the modem?

The numbers are:

Vendor 14F1
Device 1056

> On devfs-based systems, the device node will not be registered if
> initialization of the hardware fails, which would happen if you
> were using an unsupported HCF modem (such as an old Rockwell 127A:
> model or very new Conexant one with SmartDAA).

I'm sure it's a Connexant. But I don't know if it's got 
The modem is Zoltrix Sagitta. 


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