[hcflinux] Possible Solution to the no '/dev/ttySHCF0' problem

Michael O Nuadhain michaelnoone at yahoo.ie
Mon Mar 22 16:46:28 EST 2004


I'm still in the process of getting into Linux, so I don't know if this
will work for everyone who has this problem but this is how I fixed the
no /dev/ ttySHCF0

(first of all you have to be logged in as root)
1. cd into /dev/
2. if it exists rm /dev/modem and then ls again to make sure it's not
still there - in my case I always have to rm it twice for some reason
3. do a symbolic link from /dev/modem to /dev/ttySHCF0 (even though it's
not there):
    ln -s /dev/ttySHCF0 /dev/modem
4. Open kppp or whatever and try dialing.

Unfortunately this has to be done on my linux box every time I reboot. I
should make a script file to do it automatically but I've not bothered
yet :D

After the first time it worked, an odd thing happened - every time I
reboot /dev/ttySHCF0/ is still there - and yes, it's /dev/ttySHCF0/ - a
directory. This will make the modem non-functional, so you have to rmdir
/dev/ttySHCF0 and go ahead and rm /dev/modem etc. again as above. I'd be
interested if anyone has any idea why this is happening.

By the way, thanks to Marc for providing the driver and all the pursuing
and ensuing work that went into it

Good luck

Michael Ó Nuadháin

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