[hcflinux] ppc/linux hcfusblinux 1.00 driver breaks, 0.99 driver "ok"

Marcel Oliver m.oliver at iu-bremen.de
Sun Jan 11 16:12:36 EST 2004

random writes:
 > The new driver, hcfusbmodem-1.00lnxt03122800ppcfull, installs okay, but
 > then complains about not finding a device to manage when hcfusbconfig is
 > run.  Nonetheless, the module loads and I can connect to my ISP and ping
 > some IPs.  When I try to load a web page, however, the connection dies.
 > Attached are the requested diagnosis files. Please help.

Below a letter I sent to support at linuxant without getting a reply
yet.  Although my setup is slightly different, I see exactly the same

I hope this can be solved (I did pay for a linuxant license...).



Dear HCF-USB modem developers,

There is good news and there is bad news: With the December 28 version
of the hcfusbmodem-package I can get the modem to work on a 2002
Powerbook G4 with Yellowdog Linux 3.0.1.

However, its operation is extremely flaky to the extent that the modem
is not usable.  I'd be happy about any suggestions or bug fixes, and
would be willing to supply more information if this helps to get the
modem work reliably.

What's wrong?

1. After a fresh reboot, the modem is not recognized for the first
   time that 
     /usr/sbin/hcfusbconfig --info
   is called.  In this state, it is impossible to start a modem
   connection; wvdial will simply hang.  

   A transcript of this session is attached; filename is "diag0.txt".

2. With wvdial defaults, there is always the error message "the line
   is busy".  Disabling busy line checking with ATX2 allows the modem
   to dial.

3. Sound does not work.  I performed all the checks from the FAQ
   without success.

4. The modem disconnects after approximately a minute, sometimes it
   disconnects even before the PPP connection is established.

   For the corresponding /var/log/messages see attached file

5. With modem driver module loaded, the kernal consistently crashes
   when waking up from sleep.  A hand-typed version of the screen
   output is contained in the attached file "kernel.oops".

The relevant output from "/usr/sbin/hcfusbconfig --dumpdiag" is also

Best regards,

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