[hcflinux] Vgetty

Tony tony at emailcontrol.net
Sun Jul 11 03:03:08 EDT 2004

 Hi, I have the Aopen FM56-PX voice/data/fax modem.

 It doesn't support class2 fax commands so I'm just trying to get the 
voice system to work with vgetty and I have disabled the fax stuff.

 I've made a lot of progress and so far I have changed every command in 
the Rockwell.c file of vgetty to the current command set for the 
conexant chipset and have no errors while initilizing voice mode.

 The only problem I have now is that when I ring the line twice, it 
picks up and waits for about 15 seconds, then writes this error in the 
log file.

 Vgetty: timeout while reading character from voice modem

 Does anyone know how to get through this one?


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