[hcflinux] "The line is busy"

Justina Zlobinski Zlobinski at Compuserve.de
Wed Aug 4 21:34:01 EDT 2004


I use SuSE Linux 9.1 professionel (Version 2.6.4-52 KDE 3.2.1 on i686) 
and Win98SE.
My internal Elsa Modem (Elsa Microlink 56k PCI int) works well with 
Windows but with Linux ........
I downloaded the file 
and installed it with YaST2. The device ttySL0 is created and the modem 
is dialing when I start KInternet. But then after 3 "peep" (when usually 
the data transmission starts) KInternet says: "The line is busy" and 
But the line isnt busy: It works well with Windows and it worked well 
with my old SuSE Linux 8.0.

Please help !

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