[hcflinux] modem detection problem DELL 5100 Inspiron

Michal Stekrt michal at is76.org
Tue Aug 24 18:12:52 EDT 2004

I would like to test the linuxant modem driver for linux but I am not sure
if this is the rith driver for it.
The modem is miniPC (module) modem bundled with my DELL Inspiron 5100
notebook. Under windows XP
it is identified as Conexant D480 MDC  V.9x modem.
The detection utilities available are not able to detect it. The windows
tool simply hangs (just black dos window).

The modem itself is wrapped in white and on it there is:
REV A012 Made in China
CN 04T426-69861-35A-9572
IC: 3652B-RD01 D480

I have tried to detect it under linux and the tool doesn't display any
usefull information.

Any ideas.

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